Outsourced Services

Companies are putting more thrust on their core business and outsourcing noncore functions or services such as procurement.

Businesses are faced with challenges of delivering positive results to their shareholders whilst complying with a whole lot of legislations which requires them to shift from their traditional approaches in which they were accustomed to. Furthermore, businesses have to keep a motivated workforce and operate at full capacity whilst matching and surpassing competition both domestic and international.
Organisations have to contend with Globalisation, new technologies, talent/skill gaps and more.
Gerard Chick, chief knowledge officer at Optimum Procurement in the United Kingdom  made the following statement, “It doesn’t require much imagination to see that modern business is increasingly about networks – where the transition from ‘buyers and suppliers’ to ‘integrated supplier networks’ will enable greater coordination of innovation roadmaps across connected businesses and industries.”
It then becomes critical that companies put more thrust on their core business and outsource noncore functions or services such as procurement but ensure that Tactical Services are available and available fast before affecting core services as poor tactical sourcing may impact negatively on core operations.

Outsourcing services we offer

Advisory Services – To manage project based sourcing and consultancy as well as end-to-end initiative management.
Benchmarking – Provide industry spend & pricing trends & benchmarks as well as product-to-product price comparisons.
Reporting & Analytics – Manage spend reporting & analytics, including spend classification, opportunity analysis and savings tracking.
Category Support – Providing:
Contract Management Support to ensure your contract renewals are in place.
Supplier Performance Management support to help manage your suppliers to maximise performance.
Compliance Support to maximising compliance to deliver maximum savings through effective engagement with suppliers
Supplier sourcing and  Development,

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