Safety at our Schools a Moral Consideration or Legal Imperative

Every parent in South Africa sending his or her child to school expects those responsible to have all the necessary mechanisms to safeguard that child both educationally and create an environment where the child’s safety and that of the teacher is guaranteed or least being strived towards.
In an article that appeared in the City Press (14 February 2014), Annete Lovemore, quotes the following incidences:
“ Mpumalanga’s Department of Education is being sued for R13 million by the parents of two pupils injured at school premises in 2013, wherein a water tanker fell on the boy during break at Mjembeni Primary school, The MEC  in Mpumalanga was held liable when a 12 year old boy, in 2007, was injured when a device exploded in his hand(blamed on teacher negligence), A girl was burnt by a chemical at Sandzile Primary School.The Gauteng MEC was ordered to pay R23,5 million to a man injured a decade ago in school premises”, the list goes on. More recently a Primary School child in Gauteng died after injuries sustained at school premises when the employee left the lawnmower on and the child got trapped and when freed could not survive, the only child the parents had died due to lack of safety precautions at school. Another possible lawsuit against the Department of Education may follow.
Safety prevention and precautions at schools is not only a moral imperative but a legal obligation to comply with the Occupational and Safety Act! It is the duty of the Member of the Executive Council responsible for Education together with her/his officials (Head of Department, District Directors, Circuit Managers, School Principals and Teachers) to ensure that employees, pupils and students are safe at schools.
Gudlubeza M Projects in partnership with Frontline Solutions has designed a unique tailor made software solution to assist Schools comply with Occupational Health and Safety Act. Let the safety of our children be a consideration through using tools to enhance compliance.


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